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Shattered Silence

Walking in Darkness, Reaching for the Light

8 April 1985
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HOLD IT! You seem to have stumbled across the TOP SECRET writings of--

...Oh wait, never mind. What I mean to say is, WELCOME TO MANDA'S JOURNAL! :D

I'm most commonly known as 'Manda', though I often also go by a number of aliases such as "Serika", "Amako-chan", "Manda-chan", and "Shiirahime".

To keep it short and sweet: I'm a Princess Tutu fanatic. ...No, seriously. I have undying love for the series, and for my OTP of Fakir/Ahiru.

I might eventually update this with more personal details sometime, but for now, if you have any questions about me personally (whether curious or otherwise), feel free to send me a message - though I can't guarantee I'll answer certain things.

For now... have some pretty graphics and banners to look at!


Other graphics and images:

[ On and off player of Ragnarok Online! - Currently on server: vhxRO! - Guild: Elysium - In game names: Serika, Lucia Nocturne, Syeira Kurohite, Melody Rose, Celeste Acacia, Amako, Maroko. ]

"One day, love might just save you."


Fakir/Ahiru is Opposites-Attract Enduring Love

Mytho/Rue is Destined Love

Ahiru is Klutzy Daydreamer Determined Duck Love

Fakir is Stoic, Surly, and Angsting Protective Love

Mytho is Mop-Head Heartless Prince Love

Evil Mytho is Psycho Tainted Love

Rue is Possessive Proud and Beautiful Love

Aotoa is Drosselmeyer-Obsessed Bookworm/Musician Love

Femio is Narcisstic Wannabe-Prince Dramatic Love

Uzura is love-love-love-love- Drumming Puppet Love-love-zura!

Tutu is Swan Princess Love

Kraehe is Raven Princess Love